Stronger together

Sina Hlavacek und Syndja Hlavackova

The dynamic sister duo Sina and Syndja embody warmth, openness, and helpfulness at all times. Despite all changes that may arise, they maintain a positive and approachable demeanour. Since 2019 they have been valuable members of the arano group and have developed both professionally and personally within the company. Last summer, a new and exciting chapter began for both sisters: Syndja moved to a new role in Munich and Sina celebrated the successful completion of her training as a personnel services clerk, beginning her career as a well-versed account manager.

Two paths to success

During their time at the arana group, Sina and Syndja had the pleasure of working together in two different departments - organisation & processes, and applicant management. Their strong bond and mutual understanding allows them to support and encourage each other.

"We both know the company and can talk to each other about it”, says Syndja, “I always have a reference person who I can go to and share wonderful events with."

The sisters have made lasting personal and professional memories at arano and also have the opportunity to celebrate life's special moments together. They often remark thatbeing together at events and celebrations doesn't feel like work at all, but more like precious time spent together.

Syndja's path

"With us, you always have the chance to say something. Regardless of the position you are in – you can contribute your ideas and they will be heard."

Cars, accommodation, and IT

In April 2019, Syndja starts at Pacura med. At first she handles the accommodation and fleet management alone, then they become three. “I was able to take responsibility for a small team relatively quickly. For a while, we were still the interface to our IT service provider and set up the computers for new starters at the end of the month", says Syndja. "Even if it was sometimes stressful, it was always fun. We believed in the success of the company at all times and were sure we could do it."

From room to room & city to city

Pacura med is experiencing exciting growth with a growing number of health professionals looking to join the team. This success has led to the creation of new opportunities and structures, including the development of an applicant management programme. Syndja, who has always given valuable contributions, has taken on a new role in this area and has been instrumental in its development and success.

"Above all, there were many changes of location in our offices during this time. Pacura med grew so quickly that we had to make room again and again. I will never forget the rooms I have worked in", says Syndja.

Confidence and new challenges

Pacura med’s applicant management team also consists of three people. While her two colleagues move on within the arano group, Syndja helps train her new colleagues. Then the next move is also on the horizon for Syndja. This time not in the office. She wants to take the next step in her private life and moves in with her partner in Munich. Syndja is reluctant to leave Pacura med. Then a new opportunity arises. Another brand of the arano group is growing and needs her expertise. “I am really grateful every day that it all worked out this way, that I could switch internally and set up applicant management from Munich”, says Syndja.

"I have learned so much throughout my time at arano. Not just in a professional context, but as a person. By others seeing something in me, supporting me, and sometimes just throwing me in at the deep end. It is incredibly nice that on my Pacura journey so far there have always been people who have stood behind me and thus ultimately also contributed to my success", says Syndja. She often didn't have much confidence in herself. The confidence she has gained to overcome new challenges has also led to her finding more confidence in her personal life.

Sina's path:

Sina also began a new chapter in her life last summer. She successfully completed her training. Having started as the arano group's first trainee, she is now an account manager at Pacura med. Shortly after her school leaving examinations, Sina begins working at Pacura med part-time.

"I never felt that I was the ‘apprentice’. On the contrary, it was always: no, now Sina will come and support you. I always had responsible tasks."

Responsibility from the outset

At the beginning, Sina takes on the tasks which are now part of the order verification. After two months she starts her training. “Then I started my training in the back office. I was there for quite a while. About a year. Unfortunately there were some interruptions due to Covid”, Sina begins listing her many positions during her training. Marketing, fleet management, administration, applicant management, and accounting follow. "I briefly spent a week in recruiting and have been in sales since February. Oh, I was also in order verification in between!", laughs Sina.

However, the long stays in the back office and administration have had a particular impact on her during this time. "Of course, I get to see more and acquire more knowledge in departments that I have visited for a longer period of time, such as administration. But no matter how long and no matter which department I was in - I always had great points of contact, I always had everything explained to me, I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge but above all I could ask a lot of questions."

Never standing still

In July 2022, Sina successfully completed her training as a personnel services clerk and was taken on as a permanent employee. It was already clear at the start of the year in which department she would be deployed. Her training had already been based predominantly on recruiting and sales. In her new role as account manager, she still sees many development opportunities for herself. At the start of December 2022, for example, she travelled to the new branch in Vienna for two weeks to support the small team on site with customer acquisition. For Sina, this was not only an exciting change, but also an opportunity to continue gaining new experience.

Always on the road

"The picture of us is really only complete with my red Mini. In it, we have driven everything from employees to office equipment and event decorations for Pacura med from A to B”, says Syndja. Particularly in their early days at Pacuta med, the two sisters shared their commute as much as possible. “I thought it was really cool to have the same employer. It's pretty special", says Sina.

Even outside of work, the two sisters often do the same things. "Going for a coffee or a meal after work, meeting up with friends, going on a trip or going to the gym together - even though I have to do this alone more often now, my everyday life after work has not changed much”, says Sina." I always try to get out and about as much as possible on the weekends. Either to another city or another country – depending on how the opportunities arise.” Then also gladly reunited with her sister Syndja.

"Mia will always connect us both. Even though she is my dog, we are often on the road together with Mia", says Syndja. The little black mongrel is always by the side of our sister duo. "Of course, that's currently a little more difficult, but now, for example, I’m back in Munich at the weekend to visit both of them", adds Sina.

Stronger together

In addition to Mia and their joint trips, the two sisters share a rather unusual hobby: They love to work together at festivals and events. "Others often have a sport in common as a hobby, with us people think we party 24/7. But we actually just work at the events", laughs Syndja. Whether in Nuremberg or Munich, whether Winterhütten, one of the Nuremberg airport festivals or Rock im Park – where others party, Syndja and Sina are together behind the bar, helping at the entrance, with merchandise, or at the pretzel stand. The two sisters enjoy working in a permanent team behind the scenes and still being in the middle of the action. And that's how things go, here at arano.