People are at the centre
of our work.

Who we are

arano group GmbH represents a number of unique brands including leading personnel service providers in the medical sector and occupational health services. Our Europe-wide team comprises over 3000 employees spread over 11 locations with the head office in Nuremberg. Trusting cooperation and sufficient room for development of personal strengths form the basis for our mission. Together we create new perspectives in the medical and healthcare industry.


Eight strong brands -
one umbrella brand

Eight established brands belong to the arano group:
Pacura med, baloop, Pacura doc, flexdoc, Werksarztzentrum Deutschland GmbH, rocket road and arano professional solutions.
Across brands, the arano group strengthens our companies as an umbrella brand through the constant further development of processes and strategies.
We work with, but above all for, people and place the needs of our employees at the centre of our actions.

Our management board

Behind all of our brands are strong personalities who drive the company forward with team spirit and innovation.

History of the company

arano Success Stories

Behind our success is a strong team. At the arano group locations, around 400 employees work every day to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the company. Some of them have given us interesting insights into their personal success stories at the arano group.

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What sets us apart

Strong in character, the arano group brands have established themselves as specialists in their fields across all industries. We work together according to our guiding principles. Simple and yet fundamental. That is what sets us apart:

We are a team

Cooperation instead of competition. We work together across our brands. By sharing knowledge, we strengthen each other and can meet any challenge.

We know our responsibility

We value the diversity of our team. It is our responsibility to protect them. We reject disrespectful behaviour and discrimination of any kind. Transparency, equality and treating each other with respect are key values for us. We don’t discriminate.

We believe in our employees

Facing challenges and growing from them. It’s easier when you have support. From the very beginning, we place our full trust in our employees. By promoting individual perspectives and personal responsibility, we build on strengths.

We keep up with the times

We combine decades of experience with innovative spirit. As a future-oriented company, we promote the individual strengths of our employees. This gives us the flexibility to be crisis-proof today and tomorrow.

We are always improving

Change instead of stagnation. If you want to be among the best, you have to be open to new things and learn from your mistakes. We are prepared to continuously develop our processes or to rethink them completely.

The most important thing about a company is the people who work there.
Alexander Gusev, CEO

Our values

We work with people and for people. That’s why our core values are personality and trust. We live by these values in all our companies and at all corporate levels. Anyone who, like us, respects human diversity must also be ready for individual solutions.
If you expect trust, then you have to trust in return. This is what the arano group stands for.
Arano Values Arano Values


For us, personality means individuality, creativity and respectful cooperation. Everyone has their own aspirations, abilities, needs and goals. We accept diversity and benefit from it. We build on strengths so that everyone can develop freely and surpass themselves.


For us, trust means protection and safety. Mutual trust strengthens cohesion, gives room for personality and produces top performance. We trust right from the start. We keep our promises - binding, reliable and transparent.

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Interested in becoming part of the arano group? We’re always on the lookout for unique individuals. Even if none of our current vacancies suits you, you might still be the perfect fit! Give us the chance to get to know you and send us a speculative application now.

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It’s important for us to know what you think of us. Do you have new ideas or suggestions on how we can become even better? We welcome your feedback of any kind. You can be sure that your request will be forwarded directly to our management and the appropriate contact person. We always have an open ear and are happy to hear your opinion!