Dream job found

Christina Wolf, personnel officer

From the tourism industry to personnel services

Christina is a personnel officer in sales at. With her warm manner and her hands-on mentality, she has quickly become an indispensable authority in the company. Her success story begins in May 2021, when the trained tourism clerk switched from the tourism industry to personnel services. It was quite a challenge in the beginning: "In the travel agency, people book the most wonderful time of the year for themselves. With personnel services, in contrast, it's about the job. It's a whole new ballgame, of course, and I respected that", explains Christina. Fortunately, her fears have not come true. In the meantime, she has grown very fond of the employees that she looks after: “Most of them are real gems!”, she says. "I am in charge of clinic and employee care and I really can't decide what I prefer doing. People give so much back to you."

Appreciation from both sides

It is not just Christina who appreciates this good relationship, a lot of positive feedback also comes back from her colleagues in the care sector that she looks after. For example, Carol-Ann, a healthcare and paediatric nurse, says: "Through Christina, my personal contact person, I immediately felt comfortable and in good hands. During any conversations, she always enquires about my well-being and takes an interest in my assignments, always making sure that I am happy here! We keep in regular contact and so I can always clarify all of my concerns and questions in a relaxed atmosphere. Particularly at the beginning of my work I had a lot of questions, which were all able to be answered by Christina at any moment. She always made time for me and was a great help and support for me with every concern." This mutual appreciation is very important throughout the entire arano group.

Varied work in a growing department

In the beginning of her work Christina was the only sales representative in the small team and had her hands full: "A lot had to be established, initially we had to create all the structures ourselves." However, she breezed through this thanks to her organisational talent and responsible manner. Within a very short period of time, the number of employees rose sharply and Christina got support in sales. They divided up the areas of responsibility and helped each other.

"The internal cohesion is huge. We are like a little family. We like it so much, we always say: we’ll all stay here together until we retire."

For people who like the work to be the same every day, the job in sales is not a good fit. Here, every day is different and each week there are new tasks and topics. However, for Christina, that's what makes the job so appealing: "It never gets boring because the work is always different. For me, that's perfect, the variety is good for me."

Perseverance pays off

With her persevering nature, Christina has fought her way through all the initial challenges and is very happy in her job. Her dedication has paid off and the opportunity to help shape processes and developments from the start has had a lasting impact on the company. She very much appreciates the great scope for creativity in her professional environment. Christina shows her perseverance in her private life as well as in her job: After a stressful work day, she likes to let off steam in the gym with cardio training. For her, that's the best way to clear her head. Even though Christina – fortunately for the arano group – has given up tourism as a career, the joy of discovering foreign countries and cultures continues to be one of her greatest passions. On her last holiday, for example, she went to Jamaica. "Holidays are the best time of the year, but afterwards I always look forward to seeing my colleagues again and can hit the ground running."